Agbenyega (Black Pepper) Attiogbe-Redlich

Musiker, Sänger, Bassist, Percussionist, Songwriter, Bandleader, Komponist, Musiker aus Göttingen
Sänger, Bassist, Percussionist, Songwriter, Bandleader, Komponist, Musiker bei THE HIPPOCRITZ


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THE HIPPOCRITZ Ewe Roots Reggae Band was founded in the year 2000 by the ghanaian singer, bass-player, songwriter and composer Agbenyega Attiogbe aka 'Pepper'. He left his homeland Ghana in 1998 to live with his family in Germany, where he works as a teacher for music and art in schools and institutions all over Europe. 2008 he opened THE HIPPOCRITZ SCHOOL Attiogbe's African Music and Art School, where he teaches African Music and Art . Please check hippocritz-school.com for more information. Born into the culture of the Ewe, he early came across music and art. His house in Ghana as well as his grandfathers home in Togo, where he grew for some years, was full of music and spirituality. He learnt drumming and singing at the early age of childhood and for him, rhythm is like breathing, e (...) Mehr anzeigenating and sleeping - it's his life ! After schooling in Ghana and Togo, he left to Nigeria to work. He helped his father to support his younger brothers and sister. Beside his work he created sculptures, painted pictures, worked on decoration and sold his art to the public. As music always played a big role in his life, some of his songs and lyrics on his first album 'FREEDOM', 2006, RockWerk Records, had already been written by him in the early 80's. Forming his Ewe Roots Reggae Band THE HIPPOCRITZ in the year 2000 in Germany was his personal breakthrough on the music section. Playing with 12 musicians on stage or with 3 people has never made any difference to him. The 'message' plays the most important role in his songs. Reggae music is messeage ! The message has to be carried to the people ! Concerts and festivals are played regionally and over regionally. In November 2006 the band THE HIPPOCRITZ had been choosen out of a bandpool of many bands of their region, to play in competition for the creole - prize for world-music contest. At the end they didn't gain the creole- but they gain a lot of respect and honour for their performance. In November 2008 the band THE HIPPOCRITZ was nominated for the German Rock and Pop Award 2008 (Deutscher Rock und Pop Preis 2008). On the 15th of November 2008 THE HIPPOCRITZ received the prize winner award 1st Prize for 'Best Reggae Album 2008' at the 26. German Rock and Pop Award in Friedrichshafen, Germany, in the category of Reggae and the 3rd Prize for 'Best Reggae Band 2008' in the same category. On 3rd of December 2011 Pepper achieved the AYF (African Youth Foundation) ADLER Entrepreneurship Awards 2011 in the Categorie ''Media-Entertainment'' in Bonn, Germany. A few days later Black Pepper from THE HIPPOCRITZ received the award for ''Best Reggae Interpret 2011" and "Best Percussionist 2011" at the 29. German Rock and Pop Award 2011 in Wiesbaden, Germany. In 2015 he received the "10 Years Honorary ADLER Award 2015" by the AYF (African Youth Foundation) in Frankfurt, Germany, for his work. Pepper is a blessed, authentic and charismatic vocalist, bass-player and performer who sings in different languages like Ewe, French, English and German. His lyrics show his deep love he gives to his motherland Ghana. JAH TIME STILL...is his motto, means : patience is the key ! JAH TIME... Weniger anzeigen





EWE ROOTS REGGAE aus Göttingen


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