Sven Rakowitz

Bassist aus Walldürn
Bassist bei Nailgun



Sven is a bass-player and bass-designer/producer from Southern Germany.

Born in Baden Württemberg in October 1979, he began learning the bass-playing as well as the first steps in musical theory at the age of 12.

From the first moment on, the bass - playing fascinated him. Playing the bass is not only a way to express himself musically – it's a passion. Having played in different bands and in school bandprojects, Sven joined his first rock band at the age of 16, played gigs throughout the local clubs.

Since then, he has worked with numerous bands and musicians, live as well as in the studio, in different styles and musical contexts, from small clubs to huge concert halls, touring and playing in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, and Belgium.

Having learned a lot from Vulture bass, (...) Mehr anzeigen Sven designed and produced his first own bass in 2007. From that time on Sven's passion wasn't only the bass playing but also the designing and producing of his own basses.

Currently, Sven plays bass by NAILGUN, a German Heavy-Metal Band:

Sven is endored by Tecamp and Bassment Basses. Weniger anzeigen



Metal!!! aus Walldürn


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