Sven Schmidt

Musiker, Gitarrist aus Lindlar
Gitarrist bei Pointers Head



Pointers Head was founded in 1997 in Lindlar near Cologne. Since March 2006, the band has been signed to the German indie label, Black Bards Entertainment. The third album, “Fireplug Hysteria” (LC 09251 / BBE 0006 PH), has been out since May 2006, distributed by A!live AG.

In November 2006, Pointers Head successfully attended the 24th German Rock & Pop Awards, reaching the second place in the “Best Hard’n’Heavy”-category in the nationwide finals. The band managed to beat 800 other bands, and was able to convince a specialist jury of their skill with “Die between your Legs”.

In 2008, the fourth and most successful Album of Pointers Head called "Control Your Mind" was released.

Currently, Pointers Head is working on the next album, scheduled for release in 2011.

Discography: 2002 The Me (...) Mehr anzeigentalgater (self release), 2004 Pointers Head (self release), 2005 Fireplug Hysteria (Black Bards Entertainment / Alive AG), 2008 Control your Mind (Succotash/Grilloutmusic) Weniger anzeigen


Pointers Head

Heavy Rock aus Lindlar

Maxon OD 808 Overdrive
Fryette Fat Bottom FB412S P50E
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