Prog Rock/Metal aus Schlitz, seit 2010


Label: Neway-Music


mynd - [mɪnd] (Faroese) = picture
from Norse mynd = shape, method, modality
But also the English pronunciation [ˈmaɪnd] and the according meaning "mind, psyche, spirit" is very welcome. Or even more preferred...
Erik, Tom and Uwe share a long musical history, most notably with their progressive metal trio ANNON VIN. They released "A new gate“ in 1996, an album that was named by Rock Hard mag "among the 200 Prog-Metal records one should know". Actually we haven't been aware of the fact that there ARE that many Prog-Metal records AT ALL...
Christoph played keyboards in several bands and projects before, some of which also featured Erik, Tom and Uwe in various combinations. Searching for a creative outlet, he joined Tom and Uwe in a progressive rock band that ultimately would beco (...) Mehr anzeigenme MYND.
Erik, busy at this time as the guitarist and co-producer of MEKONG DELTA, joined the band a little later, letting it somewhat appear like an Annon Vin reunion. However, although we are undeniably sharing stylistic elements with our past music and even play some previously unreleased material from that era, the experiences we made, the new influences we have and not at least the extended band setup led to a much refined sound and arrangements that are more accessible in comparison.
Lead singer Marc also left some marks on the progressive rock / metal scene with his former band TELLTALEHARD. Their two self-distributed CDs "Signs of Warning" and "Spiral Stairs" gained some wider recognition at the end of the 90s. This led to a feature on the "Best of unsigned bands" sampler by Rock Hard magazine, as well as playing at prestigious events like "Wacken-Open-Air" and the "Progressive Arts Festival" or supporting VANDENPLAS.
MYND originally started out with covering songs from bands that are near and dear to our hearts like Porcupine Tree, Rush or Genesis. We also started writing songs on our own shortly thereafter and in 2014 decided to record an album. The fact that we have a producer/sound engineer/studio owner in our ranks surely made that decision an easy one.
Our debut album entitled AWAKE is set for release on July 2015 and contains 8 tracks with a total running time of 48 minutes.
Vocals / Marc Laukel
Guitar / Erik Grösch
Keyboards / Christoph Metzendorf
Bass / Tom Brenneis
Drums / Uwe Ruppel Weniger anzeigen


Tom Brenneis


Erik Adam H Grösch

Komponist, Texter, Producer, Gitarrist, Sänger, Songwriter, Soundtechniker

  1. Muse Meets The Eye (CD MYND "AWAKE", )Kommentar
  2. Obsidian Sky (CD MYND "AWAKE", )Kommentar
  3. Awake (CD MYND "AWAKE", )Kommentar

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