Mexican Alternative-Rock aus Köln, seit 2017


"What kind of drugs did that singer take?!"
-a very accurate question asked by a friend of drummer Daisy Kaiser when they both visited a concert by a band called Curanderos at a german rock club. „Curanderos“ was found by Mexican bass guitar player and vocalist Diego Mendoza in 2000 and two of his friends, Alvaro Caresani on guitar and Lukas Strunck on drums. Mendoza picked up the bass guitar as it was the only instrument left and it should soon become his most loved one. In 2008 they won the global battle of the bands in Germany and ever since have been celebrated for their wild performances with a wrestling mask on, playing blindfolded or changing outfits WHILE playing.
In 2016, Curandero‘s drummer and guitarist said goodbye after having played together for more than a decade – leaving M (...) Mehr anzeigenendoza as the last remaining founding artist. But quitting was not an option. Since he started out with Curanderos, Mendoza knew that music and songwriting were what he was born for and what he was meant to be doing. His father was a passionate musician as well and a sucker for Mariachi and Big bands – something that he and his son Diego had in common.
Mendoza decided not to look for another guitarist, but to take over the lead guitar himself and let the bass guitar be part of the backing tracks. Drummer Kaiser, who has been staying in touch with Mendoza throughout the years after they met at this very live gig, left her current band and eventually took over the drumset throne.
Curanderos was transformed into a Rock duo and renamed to No importa más.
NIM is mainly influenced by bands like the White Stripes, Nine Inch Nails, and Muse.
Originally Curanderos started out with Hard Rock and an Alternativ touch, influenced by bands like Guns & Roses and Rage Against The Machine. During the last year of Curanderos the band decided not to play endless Guitar solos, fills and thousands of arrangements anymore but took a little inspiration from a band we all know and love: the Ramones. So they changed their music into some kind of a Hardrock / Post Punk mixture.
For No importa más alternative-rock/Indie rock is the basic layer of the cake if you will. Former drummer Strunck was highly influenced by Blondie Drummer Clem Burke which is why in some of the earlier Curanderos/now NIM songs the drums sound very hi-hat accentuated with simple grooves but tricky fills and very straight forward.
The guitar rhythm and melody were catchy and pushing forward and Mendoza‘s deep voice and screaming game reminded of Jack White mixed with Enrique Bunbury in Héroes del Silencio times.
But Mendoza felt there was something missing, a unique twist or mix up and he found that twist in the Industrial genre and being a fan of artists like Marilyn Manson, Prodigy and Nine Inch Nails since pretty much forever made that choice quite simple. Backing vocals sung by various vocalists from outside were added as well as mystic yet danceable electronic sounds from synthesizers - What's remarkable is the mixture of industrial parts combined with Post-punk that comes along with Mexican/Spanish lyrics – as it turns out an all-time receipt that makes them unique.
NIM currently got out of the studio to work on their upcoming EP and first album that will be expected this year. They are finishing a live demo session, that will be out soon to give you a taste for what‘s coming.
Their ultimate goal is to release some damn good albums, to perform on stages around the world and playing awesome live shows that somewhere in the crowd someone will turn around to his/her friend and ask:“ what kind of drugs did that singer take?“ Weniger anzeigen


Daisy Kaiser


Diego Mendoza

Sänger, Bassist


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