Psychedelic Rock, Dub, Big Beat, Reggae, Jazz, Goa, Drum'n'Bass aus Hannover, seit 1997



Noetics produce the sound for a generation that is influenced by live- and club culture. Their music combines the energy of electronic beats and the deepness of synthetic sounds with the intensity and spontanity of a live concert. Influences of Rock, Dub, Electro and Downbeats merge with Jazz, Drum & Bass and Psychedelic Trance into a unique soundscape.

Noetics chose to go without a singer or leader. They want the listener to enjoy the music without focusing on words or a single person. Whilst performing live, Noetics transfer their audience into a "collective dance hypnosis" (Tinnitus-Mag). Through their original energy Noetics won a fan base spanning from dancing Hippies, Stoner Rockers up to fans prefering electronical beats.

Working together for over ten years, Noetics developped int (...) Mehr anzeigeno a very tight live band that does not need words to communicate on stage. The musicians are able to vary their songs and often make use of improvisation. Supported by guest musicians as well as fire- and lightshows every concert becomes a unique experience. Weniger anzeigen


Alex Lamprecht



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