Pain Is

Groove Metal aus Graz, seit 2002



Jerome Jaw – Vocals
MaC – Bass
Tom Steam – Guitar / Back Vocals
Steve T – Drums

Pain Is was founded in 2002 by vocalist Jerome Jaw, in Austria. The band has taken a long road to success so far.
It all started with their debut album "Here comes the Pain" in 2003. On this first album the band explored their own way of making music. To create something special, they combined their different metal influences and made their first steps as a band.
With this first creation in the pocket they also started to play live shows in Austria.

It all became more intense when they released their second album “Painic” in 2005. This album started to define their way of music and own style, it also was the first time when selftitled their music as Pain Core. On the road again they got more and more (...) Mehr anzeigen introduced to the German metal scene and got their first reviews in magazines.

2009 was the right time for their third strike called “Painback”. This album really shows that Pain Is reached a new level on composing songs. The album also reached many amazing reviews at fanzines and internet.

In 2012 they finally earned the success they have worked for. Noisehead Records signed the band under their label and they produced the most successful milestone in their band history at this point. “God Particle” was born and presented to the world in 2012 as a statement of the bands work so far. The feedback was amazing and the band got well known in the European music scene.
From this point nothing could stop them anymore. The live shows had become more and more powerful statements to the stages of the scene. They released their first Video to Single “Today” and set a whole new level to their own kind of music.

In 2015 they started to play international stages on festivals. But 2016 was still more to come...
in May 2016 they finally won the competition of WACKEN Metal Battle in Austria and had the chance to play in the finals at WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 2016.
On the holy grounds of WACKEN they finally were one of the five international winning bands of worldwide 27 competitors. Pain Is received the respect and the price they were working so many years for.

After this amazing success they released their new Single “Don’t let us down” with a Video and earned international success. From this point Pain Is have established their name as "Austrians Pain Core Machine" with their own style of music.

The stages of the world are their home – but there is still more to come … Weniger anzeigen


Jerome Jaw



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