Resonant of Mind

Metalcore/Post-Hardcore aus Burghausen, seit 2010



Resonant of Mind is defined by it's transitions from heavy breaks and verses to catchy choruses and connects technical skill with a wide spectrum of emotions. They have released their first EP "Losing Composure" in April 2014 and are currently writing on their full length album. In August 2015 they played a summertour through Germany and Austria. Their live show is full of energy and every song is a story.

Resonant of Mind has shared the stage with bands such as Every Time I Die, Texas In July, The Sorrow, Annisokay, Spasm, The Morphean and many more...

Resonant of Mind - The link between hardness and emotion.

Contact us via
- Backstagepro
- contact@resonantofmind.com
- resonantofmind@web.de
- facebook.com/resonantofmind





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