Original Austrian Alpencore aus Mattighofen, seit 2005



„What the fuck...“, „I never saw such crazy guys and such an amazing show“ this the statement of an American Metalcorefan who visited a concert in Munich from tuXedo!! The power and the energy of the six boys which is spread during their liveshows is really shattering. It is very difficult to find a second in which nothing moves on stage!

Pounding, monstrous drums and percussion coupled with hard but melodic riffs and brutal shoutings, that`s tuXedo. They made it their life‘s mission to spread „Original Austrian Alpencore“ all over the world. This of course only works with the right outfits and therefore traditional leather pants and shirts for the boys are some must-haves.
Since 2005 the band has now been able to collect live experience in over 160 concerts in Austria, Germany, Italy, Sl (...) Mehr anzeigenovenia, Croatia, Slovakia and Czech Republic since the beginning of 2012 in the current cast!

The fan base of the band at home and abroad is constantly increasing. They can reach through their extravagant appearance, their really special show, and their idiosyncratic sound completed by the additional percussion, not just the „normal“ core audience, but also many metalheads with other genre preferences. And even people who do not have the metal care, are more often pleased with this composition!

What naturally as chalk and cheese fits, this is the band since September 2011 is an official JägerMusic Austria band, this fact allows the band quite different ways in advertising or in the stage show! Weniger anzeigen


Johannes Frauenhuber

Sänger, Percussionist


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