Scheisse Minnelli

Wir spielen schnell aber talentiert. Hard aber gesang mann kann verstehen.... aus Frankfurt/Aschaffenburg, seit 2003



Scheisse Minnelli is a Skate/Punk band based in Germany. The band was started in late 2003 by two native Californians and two Germans. The current line up features an all German music section and the lone Californian Samuel el Action on vocals. The band is rounded out with Dudel on drums, Dash on bass and Crack on guitar. The band is on a mission to make punk dangerous again.

They have played over 200 gigs, tour hard internationally, have shared the stage with the likes of Poison Idea, Murder Junkies, Retching Red, Butt Trumpet, Municipal Waste, Seein’ Red, DI, Christ on Parade, Antiseen, UK Subs, No Use for A Name, Subhumans, Pennywise, Beowulf and also have done 2 tours with Italian Hardcore legends Raw Power. Scheisse Minnelli has toured all over Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, (...) Mehr anzeigen Romania, Spain, Austria, Italy, France, Czech Rep, England, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and have toured the United States twice, playing over 50 gigs there. Their debut full length EXIST TO GET PISS’T was released on vinyl in Europe and on CD in the United States in 2007. They have numerous other releases including a 7 inch, THE SHIT HOUSE which is out now.

In fall 2008 a new LP(Dirty Faces)/CD(Destinty) was released in Europe with 16 new songs, that were recorded at the Music Lab in Berlin and produced and mixed by Archi Alert (ex Inferno, Terrorgruppe). This album has now been released in the U.S. on CD, in December 2009 on Beanies Records, with 4 bonus tracks, 2 of those tracks have never been released before. This album has taken the bands intensity to a new level. Scheisse Minnelli is yet recording a new album with the planned name THE FIGHT AGAINST REALITY, ...let's see what happens next.......

The band plans on touring Europe and the United States, in support of the last release THE CRIME HAS COME, as well as the upcoming release Weniger anzeigen


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