Trance, Dance, SpaceSynth, Electro, Ambient, 80s aus Amstetten, seit 1997


Music flows directly into the heart and strokes gently the soul

In the year 1985 Gerald "StarRider" first saw the Lights of World in Steyr, Upper Austria, born 3 days too late. When StarRider was a child, he soon was impressed of astronomy books his also very musically mother gave to him. The time passed and after 7 years Gerald began to worrie about his MC Player when he pressed the Record Button in MC Mode, yes there was a microphone built in which gave him the chance to create his first rythms with a Spoon :-). 1997, in the tender age of 11, he got his first Casio Midi Keyboard, a Personal Computer and a simple Tracker Program, made creating his first own electronic tracks possible. 2005 StarRider composed his first Hit Track "Pass the Time", played many times on Radios and rushing the (...) Mehr anzeigen grew again charts. His Mind always tries to combinate old and new sounds to a neverheard experience, this is the engine for his music. The music he produces is like himself, dreaming away, ambitiously, always minding beyond the Future and the Stars. Weniger anzeigen


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