Rock, Metal, Hip Hop/Rap, Techno/Electronic aus Zweibrücken, seit 2013

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Founded in 2010 from the remainder of a metal-band, Maciej Spiczak (Guitar), Norman Bukowski (Bass) and Austen Englisch (Drums) from Southwest Germany were bored by the non-distinctive musical endeavors of the scene, so they decided to use their years of experience in the music business to walk new paths. Formerly intended to be a band with a clean singer, the project turned out to be impossible to fulfill due to a lack of a fitting singer. After numerous castings, PJ Ziegler was spotted live on stage when doing a guest-performance and the other guys decided to invite him over for a casting – the vibe was incredible. With him being an MC and the instrumentalists loving Rock and Hip Hop, a musical style emerged that goes far beyond ‘new’: $UPERKING.
Thereby, the release of the debut full-l (...) Mehr anzeigenength record “Gamechanger” (11/05/2013) marks only the beginning of a true game-changing experience. 21 tracks, varying from straight hip hop, over to electro and smashing rock, truly embed the spirit of an unforeseeable and brisk wind in nowadays copycat industry.
The king is dead, long live the king. Weniger anzeigen


Maciej Spiczak


  1. We Got This (Gamechanger, 2013)Kommentar
  2. LLTK (Gamechanger, 2013)Kommentar
  3. My Corecracktion (Gamechanger, 2013)Kommentar

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