Black Hole Raven

Classic Rock, 70's Rock, Bluesrock, Punk Rock, Stoner...always dirty and edgy and (under)grounded aus Schiffweiler, seit 2012



Here we are dealing with three musicians, who already have accumulated many years of experience, wisdom and especially recurrent and hardly explainable visions. In 2012 they discovered the true meaning of these experiences and thus the own true destiny and they finally came to the conclusion to unite all of this. They soon established a small community of believers in the form of a "musical" Church - where you can also do rehearsals and recordings - fittingly in a Holy Wood (Saarland) near Nine Churches (Saarland too and also known as Neunkirchen). They wrote down the words of the true Lord and ever since then they write and compose entirely new, unorthodox Church hymns. Not only behind religiously closed doors, people immediately began to spoke of the new Messiah, who appears apposite to (...) Mehr anzeigenour new age as a Music Band to reach as many souls at once. So a new star was born at the Rock'n'Roll firmament, which is supposed to (and which is going to) shine brighter than anything that has gone before, so the prophecy tells. And so it happened that Black Hole Raven was sent to the people.

Yes, Black Hole Raven, the unifying vehicle of the said three musicians (Ralli Rock, Kai Neufang, Christoph ‘Molly’ Hautz) has been sent out to offer rescue to the entire mankind. Since that time these men are travelling this planet in the name of the true Lord to spread the good news, that there is still hope for redemption in times of filth, corruption and lies!

So, here you have it: The Black Hole Raven, the saviour of Röck'n'Röll, whereby Röck'n'Röll obviously stands for the salvation of each individual being!

Black Hole Raven are:
Kai Neufang: Drums, built in spare lamp and his freaking majestic nose!
Ralli Rock: Electric Guitar, Vocals and endless wisdom, no one wants to hear!
Christoph ‘Molly’ Hautz: Bass, dirty jokes and massive questionable & lost humour!

For inquiries: info@blackholeraven.com

Keep it real, don’t get corrupted!!!
Cojones, olé!!! Weniger anzeigen


Kai Neufang



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