Tabea Elkarra

Pop aus Berlin, seit 2000


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Driven by a dynamic voice and heartfelt songs, German artist Tabea Elkarra has been captivating audiences from a young age. The singer songwriter knows how to combine catchy melodies with a unique way to tell her own story. In doing so, she accompanies herself on the piano, as seen on the TV show "The Voice of Germany" in 2013.

Tabea started to take voice and piano lessons from the age of eight. Since then she performs regularly in Germany with a multitude of projects, including The Outbreak Band and the Philharmonic Volkswagen Orchestra. Additionally, she was featured in documentary films such as "Perry Rhodan - Unser Mann im All" and "Arlette - Mut ist ein Muskel", and is currently working with "The Voices of Grace".

In 2008, Tabea began her studies at the Hanover University of Music, (...) Mehr anzeigen Drama and Media, from which she graduated successfully with a Bachelor of Arts (Music) in 2014. During that time, she had the opportunity to make a life-long dream come true, moving to California (US). There, she studied vocal performance at the Los Angeles Music Academy and worked with singer-songwriter and performer Kacee Clanton (A Night With Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker and Luis Miguel).

Tabea Elkarra has found music to not only be her passion, but her profession as well. That is why she is dedicated to creating music and sharing her experience as an artist. Weniger anzeigen


Tabea Elkarra



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