The Sultan

Urban Pop aus Hamburg, seit 2017


Label: Cube Music


“The Sultan” describes his music as “the sound of your soul” as it replicates the sensation of speaking out about what’s inside of oneself, the inner voice bursting out and radiating light.
The Sultan flirts with an eclectic sound. His music melts eastern and western culture into words and melody to convey a soulful message full of heart.
He most notably traverses the genre of pop, but his versatile abilities allow him to branch out into other styles. The sound is dreamy, spiritual, and uplifting with a strong focus on vocals. Catchy, almost timeless melodies and lively singing convey a bright, exuberant mood.
“Music should be a positive power in this world - a force to connect people of all walks of life, bringing them together in peace and harmony.”
The lyrics gush with inspirational and (...) Mehr anzeigen heart-warming messages that encourage one to live life to the fullest. They stand for humanity, love, the universe, and peace and aim to bring people and cultures together. His personal ethos makes its way into each stanza: believe in your dreams, in love, in the spirit of the universe. Accept faith and the notion that everything happens for a reason because to this artist there are no coincidences in this predestined world. Weniger anzeigen


Ary The Sultan

Komponist, Songwriter, Sänger


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