The Catberrys

Rock, Alternative/Independent aus Erding, seit 2012



How does it feel without rock’n'roll?

Now that we’ve got the big talk off our chests, what happens if you’re looking for a spirit that doesn’t exist? Now here we are. If you wanna see something done and no one else will do it, then you will have to. Yeah, now here we are. It’s about playing the music out of our heads. It’s about saying what we want said. It’s about hearing what we wanna hear. All of which is based on a ‘do-it-your-goddamn-self’-ethic, that will first drag you through the mud and then lift you back up on stronger feet. So what other kind of music can you choose, but blues and rock’n'roll? When a power blackout keeps you from pouring hearts out, you’re doing it wrong. You occasionally screw around with other toys, but actually all we need is one guitar, one bass, one beat a (...) Mehr anzeigennd voices that glue it all together. That’s enough to cure your soul, and always has been.

“The Catberrys played their very first show on March 1st 2008 in Munich. Since then, the sound and lineup went through various changes. After the band kicking the rythm guitar, by Chris taking over bass-duties besides lead vocals, it came down to the present triumvirate:

Chris Catberry (vocals/bass/guitar/harmonica/trumpet)
Seba Catberry (guitar/accordion/vocals/piano)
Ben Catberry (drums/vocals/percussion)

In the fall of 2010, the band started recording their debut album ‘Minnie Mazola’. The full-length album, consisting of 10 tracks, was engineered, recorded, produced , mastered and graphically designed entirely by the band on their own, with no professional assistance whatsoever, in their rehearsal room. ‘Minnie Mazola’ was relased in April 2011. They started touring the record in April, throughout Germany and the Netherlands.”We been in some press and some radio. Bookers consider us somewhat of an insider’s tip, sound engineers tend to say nice things. Accordingly, we gotta be doing something right. But we won’t praise ourselves with the opinion of a few, since it’s our job to make your soul dance, not theirs. The best review is your heart rate after the live show. Weniger anzeigen


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