The Flaming Rocks

Metal 'n' Roll aus Leipzig, seit 2003



The Flaming Rocks were founded in summer 2003. Their intention was it to play good, noisy and real Rock music. They played a lot of different shows in the last years and made a five track EP named "Escape" (February 2004). The style of their music is a mixture of metal, punkrock and emo , in final analysis you can call it METAL..n..ROLL, because their music is very dynamic, powerful and aggressiv. The Flaming Rocks is the first band with that kind of style especially with a girl singing. This band with its music has just their own personality, what goes to make the music of them is the connection of the artful and typical guitar riffs, a mumbled bass, hard drums and Laura..s distinctive voice. Music is their passion and they will play and shout it out loud until the end of all times! The f (...) Mehr anzeigenire will always burn and they lay it down on the rocks! They stand on the top of The Flaming Rocks! Rock on! Weniger anzeigen


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