The Lost Rivers

Shoegaze/Psychedelia/Experimental aus Baden-Württemberg, seit 2006



Just saying that the Lost Rivers are deafeningly loud does not do justice to the complexity of this band. You could categorise their sound as any number of different music genres such as Shoegaze, Psychedelic, Noise Rock, Noise Pop or even Experimental. However, you will never get a complete image of the Lost Rivers by pigeonholing them. There is much more to this band than you might first assume. Experience has shown that extreme volume is certainly an important feature of their music. Experience has also shown, however, that volume is not the ultimate goal, but a means to an end. Immerse yourself in the extreme distortion and the soft, floating voices, in the monotonous drum and bass rhythms. Open yourself up to the video projections accompanying the Lost Rivers live shows and you will r (...) Mehr anzeigeneach a state which goes far beyond the seemingly aggressive façade and leads you to discover the beautiful melodies in and behind the wall of sound. This experience is guaranteed to impact your ears and eyes alike. The songs about the lostness of a generation which is on a quest for the truth, are sure to touch everyone involved in such a journey. Let us put aside whether this truth actually exists, or if it is merely a device which helps people find a sense in living. As long as there are bands who are able to present alternatives, who inspire a re-engagement with music, the search for reality in its most truthful form is irrelevant. What really matters is letting go, exploring the self, allowing the music to take you to new places. Of course, there is no guarantee that the Lost Rivers will be able to help every single person reach this mental and physical state. But one thing is for sure: the band, their songs and their shows are an outstanding experience.

by Pippa Weniger anzeigen


Phil Wolkendorf

Sänger, Gitarrist



  1. SERENADE (My Beatific Vision (EP 2007-2010), 2010)Kommentar
  2. Stay (My Beatific Vision (EP 2007-2010), 2010)Kommentar

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