Dark Indie-Rock / Alternative aus Stuttgart, seit 2018


Label: themrori Records


Themis‘ emotional songwriting draws its listeners to the other, the darker side of indie music. With his new creative project the musician expresses topics like fear, conflict and self-realisation through intimate lyrics, minimalistic, loud instrumentation and longing reverberant vocals.
After having released his first singles in winter 2018 and constantly playing german clubs and festivals, his very first EP “The Glare” provides a deeper look into the exciting debut and builds a bridge from a dream-pop-feel to a heavier indie-rock-sound may remind listeners of artists the likes of Placebo, PJ Harvey and Sam Fender.
His critically acclaimed latest singles embrace both the dreamy-indie and noisy-alternative spirit and create with this live-band magnetic live shows. Themis is currently worki (...) Mehr anzeigenng on his debut-album and other artistic output about to come out this autumn 2020. Weniger anzeigen


Themis T.

Gitarrist, Bassist, Sänger, Songwriter


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