TT Geigenschrey ProjecTTs

Experimental -Neo-Kraut - Psychedelia - Lo Fi - Postrock - Free Form - Underground - Wall of Sound - aus Berlin, seit 1982


Label: Geigenschrey Records


The whole (His)Story: - Thomthom Geigenschrey threw down his 6-year classical-violin-education when he was 15 years old and, inspired by Glam, Kraut, Art and Progrock (this was the seventies-oh yeah!) -leaving his overego mother and home, from now on resisting being mothers' pride just GOING UNDERGROUND.When he was 17 and in south German boarding school (were his Over-Ego-Psycho-mother did send him as a punish for bad schoolnotes and behaviour against her) a funny Zappa fan named him Thomthom (from the classic "Tom Tom turnaround" in glamdays covered by The Sweet.) Back from boarding-school where they taught him smoking hash how to be cool, a rebel with (out) a cause, and a broad multicultural, musical taste (means - how cool it is to better listen to music like Roxy Music, King Crimson, C (...) Mehr anzeigenamel, Curved Air,Coltrane, Grapelli, Eno, Grobschnitt, Klaus Schulze, Hoelderlin and Brainticket Televison and Patti Smith than Rolling Stones and Mike Batt -so in general how to survive with quality) he did put the "own" (german="Eigen") into the apostrophed gap of his surname. Over this inner- and outer- and programmatical name changes he found his self-definition, Identity and aims:
From now on finding real fun and ecstasy only in genetic drugs - simply and effective in his own temper and passion for good art and music. Thats the way he liked it and how he found the essential basics of the musical recepture and definition he was after. Jamming with Jazz, Avantgarde, Experimental, Free, Noise Pop Rock and Blues-related musicians he then developed his own style.As time went by TT played as Jam, Studio, Concert and Tour violinist with stilistical as contrary as interesting Projects and musicians like
fAUST, Mooseheart Faith, The Renderers, Bill Direen, Embryo. Weniger anzeigen


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