Deathmetal/Blackmetal aus Hennef, seit 2000


If you call the woods your home, manmade schemes are of little interest. The wide spread incompetence of the press to classify Tyrael's style of music is telling evidence that this sound beast will never submit to the illusion that man calls order...
After this force of nature, thrusting outwards the realms of Westerwald, brought „Der Wald ist mein Zuhause“ [The woods are my home] to the ears of humanity, it has constantly tried to infect it entirely. Albeit the capacity to comprehend its voice being scarce, all around the globe (Germany, Britain, Poland, Austria, Italy, Brazil, Mexiko, Japan, Canada, Australia) there are likeminded who are able to.
No cheap effects, no welltrodden paths – only few know their way around in the woods. In 2000, what hat been fostered by John and Joschka wa (...) Mehr anzeigens completed with Sven and Thomas and named Tyrael. Thomas found a path out of the scrub in 2002 and was lost in the outer world, but Holger replaced him in the very same year. In the years that followed, the debut's tracks took roots in the minds of the band and burst rock.
John got lost in his inner world in 2006. During the long quest for a worthy successor, Fabian was introduced to the guitar parts, so that Joschka was able to concentrate on lending his shrieking and rumbling voice to the band's sound. Eventually, in 2008, a young gun would lose his way between the trees, which he forces to tremble since – Mario, the drummer. With him, Tyrael explores new horizons.
In 2012 and 2013 the band took the innermost incisive and at once upgrading changes in its history. After the enduring success of "Der Wald ist mein Zuhause", some triumphant concerts an 5 furthermore songs beyond words, Joschka decided to leave Tyrael upon more than 12 years. Though not without breaking in his follower, the unfathomable Dave. In summer that same year Holger revealed his decision resign playing bass at all, and that he would depart in spring 2013. At that time the quintet concluded to perpetuate the from now on 6 songs to an additional disc. But only if there wouldn't be a suitable replacement for the depths in music. After febrile and delusional manhunt in January, managed to find Marc at the very last minute in the net. It was he, we facile were able to integrate and enthuse to our infernal work.
While easily rehearsing the songs of our debut, the players became aware of two basses don't only support the interlaced melodies and rhythms in Green Metal, but also seem to be indispensable to press ahead the preservation of diversity and complexness of Tyrael's music. So it wasn't surprising that "Der Jäger" had been performed live by the Tyrael-AllStars with 2 lead singers (Dave & Joschka), 2 guitars (Fabian & Sven), 2 basses (Marc & Holger) and Mario at the drums, in March 2013 in Koblenz, who set fire to the audience.
Since Fabian afterwards also wanted to tread paths without being active with Tyrael, the tireless hikers were really astonished in finding not only John, a passionate guitarist, but also Vitali "Duke", a long-time friend of John and creative bassist. Both were fascinated straightaway about that type of music, and could barely believe, Tyrael realises exactly the music they always sought for. As cherry of the cake John and Marc disclosed their intent to add their voices for background to Dave's lead and Sven's backing vocals.
So brace yourself for Tyrael will present to you... Weniger anzeigen


Mario Althapp


Vitali Eckert


John Ma

Sänger, Gitarrist


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