Progressive Death-/Thrash-/Black-Metal aus Stuttgart, seit 2018



Multiple forms of creativity converge in VIROCRACY from Stuttgart. Not only committed to music, VIROCRACY tells a tale of dominion, disease, doubt, hope, and the rejection of this world in the forms of music, poetry, pictures, and personal involvement.

VIROCRACY, founded in mid-2018, is a progressive death and thrash metal experience. Each song is handmade and does not resort to redundancy or gap filling. The band is dominated by an aggression that constantly develops through different tempos and rhythms within the songs, steadily taking on new forms like a virus. The album tells the story of Rane, who is sent on a dark journey due to a misfortune and who the listener follows through different worlds and states of mind. The music stirs and drives the listener with its dark atmosphere ador (...) Mehr anzeigenned with demonic growls, crystal clear and hard riffs, buzzing fills, and titanic bass.

VIROCRACY is embarking on its first concert series with an intricate setlist before the studio-ready songs and the gripping story finds its way in to the first concept album. Weniger anzeigen


Alex Kelly


Jan Heidelberger


Anika Ov Moseberg



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Aktuelle Gigangebote

Death/Black Metal Band gesucht

Death/Black Metal Band gesucht

04.05.2019, Jugendhaus Epizentrum, Brackenheim

04.05.2019, Brackenheim
Jugendhaus Epizentrum

Angebot von: Virocracy   1
Datum: Samstag, 4. Mai 2019, 20:00
Location: Jugendhaus Epizentrum, 74336 Brackenheim
Genre: Metal
Ausgeschlossen: Pop, Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly, Hip Hop/Rap
Gesuchte Acts: Alle
Freie Slots: 1
Gage: Doordeal/Gewinnbeteiligung
Kosten/P2P: Keine
Backline: Teilweise vorhanden, Rest nach Absprache

Gepostet am 3. Februar 2019   6

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