Britpop aus Köln / Kreuztal, seit 2009



Laura Heinrichs,


Being a musician is not always the result of one moment of decision. Mostly there is not even a moment when the question is raised whether to join the game or not. For some people the constant search of that melody that will set you free for a couple of seconds is the only therapy that actually works.

Chris and Marek, the two heads of the band, have known each other for almost 10 years. 10 years of a lot of different band combinations, line-ups, sounds and compromises between their day- and nighttime roles. Now they find themselves as settled in their musical vision as could be.

The Crossvalley EP sounds unburdenend and precise at the same time, carrying the idea of 90's britpop to (...) Mehr anzeigenpresent time. Abel&Cain dare to allow an absolute haughtiness of melody, embedded in harmonic arrangements and thematically lingering between the cliffs of deep despair and unshakeable hope. Sounds like a lot of pathos? Well, yes.

The founding members of this band already having the idea in their minds in 2007 finally put it into practise in 2008.
Taking advantage of the first year in writing lots of songs, they presented themselves to an audience first at the beginning of 2009.
This first gig already showed up the future direction of their musical carrier. The German Music Council detected the talent of Abel&Cain and invited them to a live-audit, where they were chosen as one of five bands from all over Germany to participate in in the high level band-coaching project “PopCamp”. This premium sponsorship program is funded by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.
Top-class jury members of the German music scene like Udo Dahmen (University of Popular Music and Music Business Baden-Württemberg, vice president German Music Council, former drummer of “Kraan”), Henning Rümenapp (“Guano Apes”), Dieter Schubert (Head of A.S.S. Concerts) and many more decided Abel&Cain to be one of this five bands - at their first gig ever.

Due to hard work, radio stations all over Germany got to pay attention to their music and band history. Germany´s biggest radio stations like 1LIVE, WDR2 (Cologne), Big FM (Stuttgart) and Deutschlandfunk (Berlin, Cologne) as well as RPR1, Radio MK and Radio Siegen played their songs. Even small sequences in the German TV (3Sat, arte) about Abel&Cain as one of the "PopCamp" Bands were broadcasted. Weniger anzeigen


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