As I Close My Eyes

Post-Hardcore aus Gransee, seit 2009



Stefan - Vox/ Synth,
Tim - Vox,
Thomas - Guitar,
Eric - Guitar,
Benny - Bass,
Steven - Drums

As I Close My Eyes is a Post-Hardcore Band
from good old Germany/ Brandenburg. We started
rockin' in February 2009.
We're 6 pretty young guys doin' nothing much but rockin'.
We kinda 'live' in our 'neglected' studio; (if you can call it
a studio anyway...). Right now we're doin' lots of
songwriting in fact. Really trying to make something
new and special.
We're just about to slip into the underground scene
to make ourselves a name with hard guitar riffs,
heavy beats and melodic sound. Our music
is supposed to be danceable. And very very soon
we'll go to a REAL studio to record our first EP.
Watch out, and don't close your eyes,
cause we'll rock your cunts away!


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