Ani LO Projekt

Rock, Hard-Rock, Metal aus Münster, seit 2016


Vorab: Bin neu in Deutschland, meine Band ist komplett , ich will rocken! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ......
Hinter Ani LO. steckt die fantastische Stimme der Sängerin Ani Lozanova. Die Berlinerin zählte in Ihrer Wahlheimat Bulgarien schon lange zu den bekanntesten
Gesangs-Künstlerinnen. 2011 spielte Ani ihr drittes Album „Miracle“ ein, produziert von Ian Parry.
Dieses facettenreiche Werk markiert den Knackpunkt für die Szene: der Mix aus Hardrock,
Prog Metal und Symphonic Rock, und Ani´s Rock-Röhre, die sich zwischen Klassik und Metal
bewegt, begeistert auf Anhieb. Ex-Playboy Playmate Ani zelebriert jede Bühnen-Show, liebt es das Publikum anzuheizen, während Sie gekonnt Ihre zarte Weiblichkeit mit harter Stimme vereint. 2015 erreichte Ani den 2. Platz in der Gesamtwertung beim weltw (...) Mehr anzeigeneit größten Music Contest "Global Rockstar".-. ..
1994 - Ani is taken in the Musical Academy in Sofia as one of the youngest students. Together with experienced classmates she builds her first live band "Geronimo". Later Ani is the first female singer in Balkan area, who steps on stagees of many popular Clubs and halls in this region.
1998 she is invited by EDITA productions, compose a song for a anti-AIDS campaign. The song "another Dimension" is the title melody for the documanty film about People suffering from AIDS.
1999 Ani starts singing in shows on cruise ships around all continents of the world.
2001 Drummer Konstatin Dinev and Ani founding her band to be independed and free for Ani´s own style.
2002 "Orpheus Music” releases the long awaited first album ”MIRROR”. It includes all the songs, recorded in the course of the years, which explains its variety in style (pop, rock, alternative)
2003 Ani is the playmate of PLAYBOY Magazine.
2004 Ani takes part in the 7th annual awards of MMTV, where she promotes her new single “The music is in me”. The breakthrough
2005 the band starts touring the whole Balkan area. The compact and high quality Show is no longer a secret with the result of invitations for a lot of festival and large hall gigs.
2005 the group endures a heavy loss. Guitar player Rossen suddenly passed away. After a break the band decides to go on.
2006 the singer participates in the Bulgarian election for the ”EUROVISON SONG CONTEST” with one of Rossen´s song “I’LL LIGHT YOUR FIRE". R.I.P. Rossen
2011 The producers Ian Parry invites Ani and her band into his music studio. The third and best CD was born.
2012 moves back to Germany. For private reasons she lives and relaxes in Münster
2016 the wellknown producer and guitarist DOC HEYNE starts working with Ani. Stay tuned..... Weniger anzeigen


Ani LO.



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