Punk Rock, Pop Punk, Melodic Hardcore, Skate Punk aus Mannheim, seit 2018



Founded by members of pop punk veterans THE BARBECUTIES (Monster Zero Records) and SPYHOLE (Yo-Yo Records) in late 2018, ASTRONUTS released their debut EP 'SPACEMENT MISSION'in summer 2019 on CD, Cassette and digitally via common streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp etc.

Shortly after playing their first live shows, the pandemic struck hard, so the band decided to write and record a full-length album in the meantime. A total of 13 songs is currently getting mixed and mastered at Studio G Mannheim by producer Nikolay Wolz (Popakademie Mannheim). 'DARK MATTERS' is to be officially released in autumn 2021. Go check out the brand-new video to the title track on the bands YouTube channel.

Stylistically, ASTRONUTS inc (...) Mehr anzeigenorporate melodic Punk Rock in the vein of bands like Good Riddance, No Use for a Name or Nothington, and blend it with poppier influences that remind of acts like The Menzingers orRed City Radio. It is the wide spectrum of musical influences that makes up the band’s very own trademark sound, ranging from fast and melodic hardcore sing-alongs to melancholic downtempo anthems with a punky edge. By teaming up with new guitar player and Co-singer Chris, who also fronts Ska-Punk powerhouse TEQUILA TERMINATORS, the quartet ultimately perfected their polyphonic vocal style, which amalgamates with crisp guitar harmonies, rolling bass and a powerful drumming.

With all four band members being deeply rooted in the punk scene since the nineteen nineties, ASTRONUTS lyrics clearly identify with the ethos of anti-racism, anti-discrimination and anti-capitalism. Their songs tell intimate stories of loss and despair in an ever-changing world full of injustice and segregation, meant to take heart and not to resign. Weniger anzeigen


Christopher Haas

Gitarrist, Sänger


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