Dark Thrash Metal aus Berlin, seit 2009


Label: recordJet

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"AvatariA is the only Dark Thrash Metal Band of this World."
AvatariA are the inventors of the "Dark Thrash Metal" combining dark, thrash and black metal elements into their own powerful sound. Mysterious and secretive, demonic yet angelic, all merged with a concentrated dose of energy and musical depth. Singer, guitarist and composer Tommy Avadark is known for his highly recognizable and powerful voice and delivers charismatic live performances that captivate his audiences.

​"An incredibly powerful voice!"...."AvatariA know how to create oppressing atmosphere, yet still deliver enough variety to boost anyone´s weary spirit." (Power Metal Online Magazine)
"Soul-captivating vocals!" (METALLMESSAGE)
"...an album that truly deserves to be called a genre insider-tip! This is true Dark Thrash (...) Mehr anzeigenMetal."(Metal Hammer Magazine, 2016 , "New World Order" album-review)

Originally founded as musical side-project by Tommy Avadark in early 2009, AvatariA's first self-produced album entitled "The Matrix Falls" (2011) initially featured Dark Gothic Metal. Over the years the musical direction changed and with their second self-produced album "Enneagram" (2014) became more Dark Doom Black Metal oriented.

AvatariA then consistently developed their musical style which eventually led to the creation of a new musical genre: Dark-Thrash-Metal. With their third self-produced album "New World Order" which impressed fans as well professional critics, AvatariA established themselves as pioneers of a new era in the heavy metal scene.

"AvatariA" is the divine twilight of the Teachers of Life and transforms life into light and shadow. Weniger anzeigen


Tommy Avadark

Sänger, Gitarrist

Gabe Kay


  1. The Ripper (New World Order, 2016)Kommentar
  2. Come to me (New World Order, 2016)Kommentar
  3. Everything Lies (Enneagramm, 2014)Kommentar

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