Indie/electro aus Darmstadt, seit 2005



Beatshots are made up of 1 girl and 2 boys that like to play with eachother.
emma (english) takes care of the singing ,drums and percussion, and the two boys (german and swiss) take care of all things guitar and keyboard.
Guitar and beat-based Beatshots have various influences from Bloc Party to Blondie, The Killers to the Infadels. The Beatshots have a raw sound sometimes described as new wave, garage rock, indie. Whatever, you can decide for yourself!
"Somehow beatshots don't seem like a band that comes from Darmstadt, Germany, more like some cool metropolis from the UK where 'We will save your souls" would be a Top 10 Single and the NME's favourite song!
(Review phonopop 2007)
"It's hard to top them when they're playing live and that was finally proved when they won the audience award a (...) Mehr anzeigennd special jury prize at the ENTEGA-Newcomer Competition at Centralstation, Darmstadt, Germany in November 2007."
(Taken from Centralstation publications, Germany, 14th April 2008)
"Diese Band ist gereift. Sie hat starke Songs. Sie ist kreativ, sie ist innovativ. Hat eine charismatische Sängerin. Eine präzise Schlagzeugerin. Sie hat einen souveränen Bass und einen Gitarristen, der … vor allem auch mit seinen klanglichen Experimenten zu begeistern weiß. … Die Beatshots gleichberechtigt auf der Bühne mit bekannten Indie-Größen…? Alles andere als unvorstellbar."
(regioactive.de, Markus Biedermann)
New Wave, Garage Rock and Beats coincide with ease when these four musicians play. Beatshots are a band that demand some serious attention. Influences range from bands such as Blondie to New Young Pony Club, The Infadels to The Killers. However, this strong influences don't in any way stop this German-English-Swiss colloboration from having their own, distinctive style. Weniger anzeigen



Gitarrist, Keyboarder


Schlagzeugerin, Sängerin


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