Beyond The Void

Gothic/Wave aus München, seit 2000



beyond the void is a modern goth rock band from Munich, Germany. In 2000 we ran into each other and left our respective bands to launch beyond the void together, 20-somethings each with their share of painful yet helpful experience in life and music, joining forces to give dark rock to the people.

Today, after a mini CD in 2002 and two albums in 2004 and 2006, we are working on our 3rd album. We are signed to Chris Pohl's label Fear Section.

Our mission is to blend the realms of rock, gothic and metal into the best possible live and cd experience we can, running over any borders in our way. We write about twice to thrice the amount we can squeeze on our albums, and heavily cut down to leave what we hope is the essence. If you care for outside opinion, feel free to browse our 100+ reviews (...) Mehr anzeigen up to now. On top of that, we now struggle to speed up to 1 abum per year, that's why we are already in studio again, 6 months after the release of our 2nd album.

We also played somewhere above 100 gigs, many festivals (headlining about 20 of them), and supported acts like Xandria, Cinema Strange, To/Die/For, Soulrelic, Untoten and Theates Des Vampires.

So enjoy OurSpace with a selection of new and old songs, and our music video. We keep you up to date. If things go the way we like, we will meet again very soon. Keep one eye open for us! Weniger anzeigen


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