Gothic x Psychedelic x Electronic aus Bielefeld, seit 2016



BITTERBLOSSOM is a dark and psychedelic music and art project which was startet by Kevin “Ventus” Wolf 2017 in Germany and has members in different countries around the globe today. We understand ourselves as an artist collective, in which different artists are united with the intention of bringing beauty, peace and meaningful thoughts, born out of darkness, into the world.

We tell audiovisual stories that can, inspired by traditional European fairytales, be a little dark sometimes, and (most of the time..) have a deeper meaning.
The fairy realm isn’t a magical place full of wonders and joy. You can’t find it by accident, nor do you tumble into it while talking a walk in nice sunshine.
You get forced into it. Not by mythological creatures, but by other human beings. By hate, violence, a (...) Mehr anzeigenbuse and loneliness you start to wither out of society.
But somewhere inside you, burrowed under scars, pain and addictions, a very rare sprout might begin to grow. A shadow of your true self. Driven by your hidden desires, emotions and traumata it thrives and get’s bigger with every day. It drives you to admit who you really are and won’t stop to hurt until you finally give in and embrace it as a very important part of yourself.
Once you do, the very fabric of reality itself tears apart and you finally recognize the magical world that was there all along. Hidden just behind the glimpse of your eyes. It’s the creative reality inside your very soul. Fairies are metaphors - enchanted trees are social structures.
The tales, where good always wins over bad, you were looking for all the time?
They take place inside you. The battles are your life. You decide who will win.
I experienced this process and named it the bitter blossom.
This is my story - and the story of many others. It’s a word for a spiritual and creative overcoming process, born out of misery and pain.

Let your darkness bloom into something color- and beautiful! Weniger anzeigen


Marcus Carrier

Gitarrist, Bassist

Ventus Bitterblossom

Sänger, Bassist, Producer, Songwriter


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