Blank Manuskript

ArtRock - Konzeptalben - Musikrichtung wird je nach Thema gewählt aus Salzburg, seit 2009



The Austrian band Blank Manuskript seems to be a musical chamber of wonder – internationally successful with uncompromisingly bizarre rock music, the ensemble gained a unique reputation. Their music is characterized by its sophisticated symphonic arrangements as well as extensive psychedelic improvisations, thus rocking our everyday listening habits. Blank Manuskript creates music paired with mystical-vivid lyrics to transfer its audience into flamboyant musical spheres that have a unique effect on the listeners. Socio-critical escapism unites with creative excellence, creating contemporary programmatic rock music for insiders and seekers, far beyond the inhuman banality of the media-machine.
Jakob Aistleitner – Saxophone, Flute, Electric Guitar, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Vocals
Peter Baxr (...) Mehr anzeigenainer – Electric Guitar, Accoustic Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Jakob Sigl – Drums, Percussion, Viola, Tape, Vocals
Dominik Wallner – Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Vocals
Alfons Wohlmuth – Electric Bass, Flute, Bottles, Vocals
Stage Design & Costume Design by Ausstattungshelden Weniger anzeigen


Alfons Wohlmuth

Bassist, Sänger, Querflötist


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