Blood Brothers (Official Iron Maiden Tribute/Revival)

Rock, Metal, Show/Tanz aus Kyiv, seit 2010


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Conceptual project which spreads the music of Iron Maiden over Europe. The band «Blood Brothers» is the first official Iron Maiden Tribute in Ukraine and in post-Soviet countries. Blood Brothers is not only quality performance of heavy metal hits, but is also the spectacular act of five members who completely devoted themselves to Iron Maiden music. This creates a prominent atmosphere for the audience and feeling of being a part of a British legend’s show. Blood Brothers have a big number of concerts on their account supporting leading bands like «Scorpions», «Guano Apes», «Lacuna Coil», «Enter Shikari», «Antiflag», «Caliban», «Clawfinger». There are also a few concerts with Russian bands like «Bi-2», «Splin», «Mumiy Troll», «Catharsis», «Mavrin», «Epidemia». The Ukrainian tour with legend (...) Mehr anzeigens of heavy metal «Master» in 2012, and of course support of legends of British scene: Blaze Bayley & Paul Di’Anno (ex-Iron Maiden). The band also participated in the biggest rock festivals in Ukraine – «The Best City» and «ZaxidFest» . Blood Brothers take several tours in Ukraine and in others countries of entire CIS. Blood Brothers is an endorser of Ibanez guitars in Ukraine. Weniger anzeigen


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