Ben Bloodygrave

Synthpunk, Wavecore aus Berlin, seit 2008



Since my teenager years I have been very interested in music and creating it. At 13 years, I began keyboard lessons. This lasted about 1-2 years because at the time I found it quite boring. So when I was 17, I bought a drum kit and taught myself to play it while participating in 2 different Punk bands in southern Germany.

Some years later (~2007) my interest in keyboards developed as I became more attracted to "old school synth tunes". This inspired me to buy my first tiny synthesizer and dig out my old keyboard. I started to record my first experiments and put them online. I also made a demo CD titled “Bloodygrave - Demo”, with the help of Tobi Cool, which I gave away for free.

In 2009, I moved to Berlin, where I met Frasco from the project "Die Lust!”. He invited me to join a band he s (...) Mehr anzeigentarted with Andy. We named this new collaboration "Rotten Western Kulture" and created a more Deathrock/Darkpunk sound. Currently RWK has been disbanded, however you can find information about the band and listen to the music on My Space:

Frasco and I have since moved on and combined our solo projects to become the Synthwave band "Bloodygrave & Die Lust!". Until Frasco moved back to Italy, my entire focus has been solely on this project with him. For those who don’t know about "Bloodygrave & Die Lust!" please follow this link:

So this brings us to today! For a long time I have had this itching curiosity. How would my favorite Punk bands sound if they were using synths instead of guitars and drums? So I started to play around with sounds to test it out. This was the beginning of bringing my solo project “Ben Bloodygrave” finally on stage.

2012 I begun performing solo concerts for fun, but since some people have started asking for a web page and songs to preview, I decided it was time to start this blog. I also use it to share my photography, the interview videos, called "Synths & Stuff" and for sure my music-clips.

Further, i decided to release my first record on my own.

Ben Bloodygrave (or BBG) stands for DIY (Do It Yourself) photo, video, music and screenprints. Not only creating and perfoming music, also DJ’ing and producing.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via mail.
Thank you for you interest and visiting my blog! :)
Greetings from Berlin,

Here are my "Tools" ;)
Korg: Microkorg, Volca Beats, EMX
Novation BS2
Clavia Nord R3
DSI Tetra
Yamaha Reface DX
Casio VL Tone (Circuit Bend) ...and other gear. Weniger anzeigen


Benjamin Lenz

Sänger, Synthesizerspieler, DJ, Digital-DJ, Songwriter, Producer


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