Blossom Cult

Progressive Metal/Rock aus Mülheim an der Ruhr, seit 2020



The seven year-long journey with acclaimed Prog Rock act "Seeking Raven" reached its grand finale for János Krusenbaum (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Max Krüger (guitars, vocals) when they decided to play the band's farewell concert in April 2019.

With a new vision the two friends took one intense year off to prepare what would become the BLOSSOM CULT.

After a year of hard, passionate work the new project saw its debut release with an impressive first single and an accompanying video called "Atlas" in April 2020.

While staying true to Seeking Raven's mission of creating truly open-minded music filled with raw emotion and depth, people attributed a fomerly unheard anger and a certain disposedness to drama to the new music.

There is a reason for that: János and Max were observing where (...) Mehr anzeigen society is heading with growing concern for several years and decided to put all their existential dread and desperation into this new creative outlet.

"Max and I both feel quite desperate and angry at times and decided to form this new band as a tool for us to cope with it all", János states in a recent interview.

Then the world's situation changed radically – right when BLOSSOM CULT first came out publically. The covid-19 crisis destroyed all well-planned out schedules for a live debut and first tours violently and meanwhile the general division of society reached unknown dimensions.

But János and Max used this crisis as fuel to work even harder and saw themselves affirmed in their strife to create a refuge for all those who don't feel part of any of those sides screaming at each other anymore.

So a second single ("Same Old Song") came out with another video just one month after "Atlas" and finally, on September 11th, 2020, the debut EP "Closure" was released.

Along came an announcement of a fix band lineup.

The two guys were joined by long time-friend and fellow musician Rik Schindler on drums who was a part of the uprising Prog Metal band "Ashby" for several years. There he played great concerts like the "Loreley - Night Of The Prog"-festival or an extensive Mexico tour during which he and János first met.

Furthermore the band is completed by young super talent Elias Bauer on keyboards and the energetically performing Alexander Dachwitz as permament live members.

The world faces an uncertain future and BLOSSOM CULT stand firm with their artistic answer to these chaotic, troubling times.

Wildly determined to leave a mark with their music and venture out into what's to come against all odds. Weniger anzeigen


Max Krüger

Gitarrist, Sänger, Komponist, Texter, Songwriter


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