METAL, ROCK, DOOM, STONER, GRUNGE aus Mainz, seit 2005



There is a saying that has and will always be true when it comes to creating music: It takes heart and soul to write persuasive songs. It is not necessarily about a particular style, it is rather that authenticity, passion and power are the essentials for every outstanding band. And these are the ingredients BURDEN use when they create their unique mixture of Rock, Metal, Stoner and Sludge.
It’s been a tough way, but after several years, founding members Saint D.(g) und Dave (dr) finally found suitable mates in Johnny (b) and Thorsten (v) to realise their vision. As a first sign of life, BURDEN released their EP “The Fool” that did not only get them a huge response from all over the world but also their deal with Germany’s finest Van Records/Soulfood. From then on, things developed in an a (...) Mehr anzeigenmazing speed. The ink wasn’t even dry when another 7” was released to give a little foretaste of Burden’s first epic monument. In Autumn 2010, an aggressive yet versatile beast called “A Hole In The Shell” was unleashed and received more than normal praise from both press and fans. However, the carrousel kept on turning faster and faster and after a lot of concerts with Soulfly, The Haunted and a tour with legendary St. Vitus, Burden joined Mr Garcia himself to support KYUSS LIVES! on their European tour for three weeks. Up until to today, there was no need to unpack their bags as shortly afterwards, BURDEN were announced special guests on every German date of Mastodon’s 2011 tour. Besides, the band is working on new stuff again and their second strike is soon to bawl at this rotten world. So be careful – it takes a lot to keep up with these motherfuckers. You’d better always keep in mind: Behold the BURDEN before it’ll tear you apart! Weniger anzeigen


saint d.








  1. Black Room (A Hole In The Shell, 2010)Kommentar

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