The Mofos

Ska-Punk aus Bad Teinach-Zavelstein, seit 2005



After the first musical attempts in 2005 as a Rock and Punk-Rock cover band, Fabian (Drums), Florian (Guitar), Micha (Guitar & Voc.) and Patrick (Voc. & Bass) decided to move on as a Ska-Punk band introducing Jochen on the trumpet. The first own songs were written with and without personal influences on topics like life, love, sorrows and happiness. The first live show under the name of "The Mofos" was played at the festival "Moschders of Rock" in spring 2010. The following summer was used to play some shows and record the first EP "quite loosened" with the help of Roland on the solo-guitar who decided to stay in the band after the recordings. At the same time, Philipp joined the band with his valve-trombone. With a good bunch of own songs and the passion of playing live, many shows have b (...) Mehr anzeigeneen played from small pubs to large festival stages - in July/August 2011 on the international festivals "Traffic Jam Festival" and "Mini Rock Festival". Even more, "The Mofos" participated and won several band contests, like the biggest international band festival "Emergenza", in which "The Mofos" reached the German South/West Final after winning two preliminary rounds before. Finally, "Emergenza" was finished on the 5th place of almost 100 participating bands from Southern Germany and Switzerland. In September 2011, "The Mofos" went to the studio to record their first album "Kings of the Boulevard". The album was released in April 2012 on all download platforms as well as on classic compact disc. With the album on the market and our new trombone player Christoph in the band we played a successful year 2012 travelling from Freiburg in the South to Berlin in the North of Germany. At the end of 2012, Micha decided to leave the band to start over with a new project. The year 2013 started with a big charity event in Hamburg for the "Conley's Helps" organization, so the track "Charity" from "Kings of the Boulevard" is more than just a track in the disc. Throughout the years, several new titles found their way to the bands setlist. Now in 2016, the studio recodrings for the second album have been finished and the release is scheduled for 23rd April 2016. Feel invited to sing and dance with us... Weniger anzeigen



Sänger, Bassist

Florian G.

Gitarrist, Mandolinespieler

Roland Kaiser




Christoph Lutz


Jochen Krauss

, , , , , , , , , , , ,

Manuel P.


  1. Eleonore (Hand-Crafted, )Kommentar
  2. WC (Hand-Crafted, )Kommentar
  3. Marry me (Kings of the Boulevard, 2012)Kommentar
  4. Rockstar (Kings of the Boulevard, 2012)Kommentar
  5. Inside (Kings of the Boulevard, 2012)Kommentar
  6. Bright Eyes (Kings of the Boulevard, 2012)Kommentar
  7. Mr. Mo (quite loosened EP, 2010)Kommentar
  8. Homeless Dreams (quite loosened EP, 2010)Kommentar

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