Chalice and Crown

Melodic Powermetal aus Coburg, seit 1992



"Chalice and Crown" plays melodic power metal with catchy hooks and polyphonic refrains.
The show is dominated by the frontman's charismatic stage presence, virtuosic two-part guitars and a
driving rhythm section. The band succeeds again and again to capture their audience after a few riffs and
entrain and inspire for the entire gig.
The musical style of "Chalice and Crown" is shaped by many different influences.
Bass player "Wolfgang Scheler", for example, is an absolute fan of KISS.
The Guitar Group favors Dream Theater, Symphony X, Queensryche, Vicious Rumours, Opeth, Scar Symmetry, Toto,... and also play a role, influences from the Jazz / Fusion-range (Simon Philips, Aristocrats, Doldinger, etc.).
Drummer “Stefan Krück”, moreover, favors Rush, Alter Bridge or Gotthard
and singer (...) Mehr anzeigen “Peter Nemmert” loves music from the 70s, such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Alex Harvey.
All in all, an interesting mix that also reflect here and there in the sound of the band.
About the content of the lyrics, the band attaches great importance.
!We definitely have something to say!
Were the lyrics from earlier band phases more attributable to the fiction and fantasy, "Chalice and Crown" now
pay more attention on contemporary issues and global interrelationships.
In 1992, the band from Coburg was founded by guitarist Arnd Köhn and drummer Stefan Krück.
In the primal lineup "Chalice and Crown" was gone with a female singer.
In the same year they recorded a 9-track demo, entitled "Night of the Crime".
In 1993 was published the song "City Life" on the CD sampler "Out of the Shade".
In the same year, the demo "Night of the Crime" was positive rated by "Stefan Glas"
in the Metal magazine "Underground Empire".
At 29.04.1993, the last appearance with this instrumentation, was crowned with a Gig in Munich‘s "FEIERWERK".
The end of 1993, the band was reorganized by Arnd Köhn and Stefan Krück.
From mid 1994, with new musicians, it was rocked again. The music became harder and more sophisticated, but the, by then already developed, typical "Chalice and Crown" style, has been preserved.
In 1995, the band produced a 6-track demo, entitled "Seven Sins".
Then, after another few line-up changes, from the end of 1995 it started again with the new material.
With this last and most successful Formation (Vocals: Nico Wachter / Guitar: Arnd Köhn / Guitar: Tommi Korndörfer / Bass: Wolfgang (BumBum) Scheler / Drums: Stefan Krück),
"Chalice and Crown" has live performed, until to their resolution 1998.
Afterwards, bass player "Wolfgang Scheler" made the jump into the more professional bearing. With the Bamberger Formation "Backslash" (Record deal, 4 Album Releases), Wolfgang has played live in Europe until 2011.
2011, the last and current chapter of the band was pitched:
The REUNION of "Chalice and Crown".
After several years of silence, and at the initiative of bass player Wolfgang Scheler, met parts of the old Formation, to bring new life into the Project "Chalice and Crown".
With a new band logo, a new singer and a lot of enthusiasm, the best songs of the last phase were Revived, Revised and new songs wrote.
2013 performed the "new" Chalice and Crown as co-headlining their first appearance at the "Summer Blast Festival" in Coburg. The gig was a great success and proved impressively, that the decision was correct, to continue.
2015 appears the first self-produced album "Confessions" with 10 songs and a total playing time of 56 min.
And how does the future hold?
We just want to do, what we think is the horniest: play, play and play again.
A Festival or in a Club? Anyway, we want to get out, to convince the people and inspire for our music!
Hey you out there: we are "Chalice and Crown" and we looking forward to seeing you!
Keep on rockin ...
Contact: Arnd Köhn – Rückertstr. 7 – 96487 Dörfles-Esbach – Germany or: info@chaliceandcrown.de
Web: facebook.de...chaliceandcrown chaliceandcrown.de
CD Order: order@chaliceandcrown.de

Peter Nemmert (ex Skult), vocals
Arnd Köhn, guitar
Tommi Korndörfer, guitar
Ingo Schulz, bass
Stefan Krück, drums Weniger anzeigen


Arnd Köhn


Peter Nemmert


Ingo Schulz


  1. Fight (Confessions, 2015)Kommentar
  2. Misty Horizons (Confessions, 2015)Kommentar
  3. Giants (Confessions, 2015)Kommentar
  4. Confessions (Confessions, 2015)Kommentar
  5. Anger and Guilt (Confessions, 2015)Kommentar
  6. Your Eyes (Confessions, 2015)Kommentar
  7. Desert Rain (Confessions, 2015)Kommentar
  8. Seven Sins (Confessions, 2015)Kommentar
  9. In Vain (Confessions, 2015)Kommentar
  10. Living A Lie (Confessions, 2015)Kommentar

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