Circuit Breach

Melodic Metal mit Einflüssen von Progressive-, Symphonic und besonders Melodic Death Metal aus Hannover, seit 2013

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Circuit Breach was brought into being in February 2013 by Florian Schulz, Timon Foss-Jähn, Björn-Ole Hecht and Lewin Krause to raise the instrumental fundament of what should later become a tasteful synthesis of heavy riffing, distinctive melodies and compositional refinement. After several member changes, we were finally completed by Björn Seela and Gregor Efstratiadis in late 2017 and now we're more than eager to introduce you to the musical spheres we've been contriving.

Influenced by Progressive-, Symphonic- and especially Melodic Death Metal, our band of six around creative mastermind Florian Schulz developed a unique style of Melodic Metal combined with melancholic and philosophical lyrics to create a thoughtful, yet energetic sound.

Facebook: facebook.com/CircuitBreach
Youtub (...) Mehr anzeigene: youtube.com...fjuzrHiwNluKVJw Weniger anzeigen


Timon Foss-Jähn

Gitarrist, Texter

Florian Schulz

Gitarrist, Bandleader, Komponist, Texter

Björn-Ole Hecht



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