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The creators of the sounds that cover the long way walked by the people of the desert to the snow, our histories, our experiences, lyrics of life, death, love and hate, our soul’s eyes; the fiction of every day, the documentaries of our psyche, our cry of war to feel human between the infrasounds of an even more mechanic and controled society.

The musical style, where the band manages both English and Spanish lyrics, comes from a fusion of different musical backgrounds from the band members and the collage of a diversity of sounds, strings, electronic, voices, created and mixed with raw intensity, that give birth to what some people call “Acid Metal”…

DRONES' history has more than 10 years, it all begun in the desert… Now, they are in the 10 thousand lakes lands, since 2003, making and (...) Mehr anzeigen experimenting with the music, the energy that surround us all; because we all are connected in some way…

Estamos, somos y nos desvanecemos. Weniger anzeigen


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