Dustin Dooley & Band

Pop, Rock aus Sankt Ingbert, seit 2009



Dustin Dooley rocks! And he really rocks with everything he has. Typical California? Right! Dustin has his roots in the USA and in Germany but feels at home in both countries. The only thing that matters is that his guitar is always with him. Already at the age of 13, he was on tour with some funky bands. Music is what he is living for. Music has never let him down. No matter what kind of instrument he picked, he always knew how to play it.
Dustin Dooley, lucky him - for this gracious artist's name he just had to be born, while others would spend lots of money to have such a name. He sings, he composes and he writes all of his Pop/Rock songs by himself. His aims are higher than average: "Music just has to be real!" For his current album he doesn't want any canned music, but only self-made (...) Mehr anzeigenstuff. So Dustin decided to arrange and play all instruments by himself. Singer, songwriter, arranger, guitarist, pianist, bassist, drummer: a REAL all-rounder!
Dustin lives his music and that's why it is authentic, contemporary and full of character, without ever losing any depth. Dustin has a message for the world. With his songs, he intends to give his fans - guts, power and hope for their way of living. He tells heart-stopping stories about his life and thereby encourages you to look at things from a different point of view. Weniger anzeigen


Dustin Dooley

Sänger, Gitarrist

Jan Simson



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