Flying Guillotines

Heavy Rock / Stoner Rock aus Berlin, seit 2012



Formed in the last rattles of the summer of 2012, Flying Guillotines reunited musicians from such different places as Germany, Venezuela or the Basque Country. After meeting for a jam session in a basement in Berlin to see what was coming out almost without knowing each other , the four
musicians knew that after many years of playing with different people they just had found the right people to make music with. With frontman Marcus Engel on the vocals and guitar, Jürgen Roth on guitar, Jon Mujika on bass and Tamino Kirchner on the drums, Flying Guillotines plays a
modern stoner rock with clear influences of 70s hard rock, heavy and even funky hints. After one year of composing and rehearsing around 10 songs, the self-produced Sailor´s Lullaby Ep came to light. Overwhelming guitar riffs, g (...) Mehr anzeigenroovy rythm patterns and charming vocal melodies make their way through 6 powerful and invigorating songs.
Flying Guillotines is a mean machine, it cuts your head off clean!!! Weniger anzeigen

  1. Forgotten Kingdom (Sailors Lullaby EP, 2013)Kommentar
  2. Sailors Lullaby (Sailors Lullaby EP, 2013)Kommentar

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