Giants Dwarfs And Black Holes

Heavy Psychedelic Rock with Stoner, Blues, Hard, Space, Acid and Doom elements aus Pfungstadt, seit 2019



GIANTS DWARFS AND BLACK HOLES was formed in December 2019 as newborn brainchild of a few experienced musicians. The band is a result of so-called friendly fusion of 2 local bands from Rhein-Main region (Germany), which were constantly struggling with the line-up problems. To finally solve this trouble they resolve to choose a common path… And after a few successful, way-out and wicked jam sessions full of esoteric energy and micro- macro- and multidimensional spiritual events they decided to unite under the common name GIANTS DWARFS AND BLACK HOLES.
The musical starting point is Heavy Psychedelic Rock - a musical journey into the cosmos inside ourselves - from 70's psychedelic rock through hard, blues, progressive, acid, space, kraut, jazz to stoner, desert, grunge and doom - from Black Sa (...) Mehr anzeigenbbath, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Ten Years After through Motörhead, Hawkwind, Soft Machine, Ash Ra Temple to Brant Bjork, Colour Haze, Causa Sui, All Them Witches, Earth and Sleep.
Luzzi – vocals
Roland – guitar
Tomasz – bass
Carsten – drums Weniger anzeigen


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