Stoner-Grunge aus Fulda u. Mannheim, seit 2009



If you get a coarse itch in your ears while cranking up GRAINEDs newest longplayer - well, then let me tell you this - you're better off apologizing to them real quick Stoner Rock and Grunge was always meant to sound like this and you're damn sorry not letting them hear those "Tunes From The Void" sooner.
Since their regrouping in late 2013 the trio from Fulda, Germany developed a weakness for rude string tearing, gnarly excavation work and chunky canings. Led by a whiskey-fueled, roaring bulldozer the band steamrolls atmospheric sound-buildings to make way for howling melodies and heavy riffs. To set the record straight: those dudes had Seattles dirt under their fingernails and washed it away with cactus juice from Joshua Tree.
GRAINED released a 11-track demo entitled "Catharsis" back in (...) Mehr anzeigen early 2014 and played numerous clubshows and festivals all over Germany including europes biggest hippie gathering "Burg Herzberg Festival" thrice since then. A small release-tour through Germany where the three guys present their new album "Tunes From The Void" will take place in October of 2017. Go see them play. Weniger anzeigen


Florian Bölter

Bassist, Komponist


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