Pop, Rock, Alternative/Independent aus Paris, seit 2016


Management/Booking: Anchor Agency


Embracing an unapologetic creative freedom and waving it as a strength, Halflives elegantly serve a catchy blend of melodic alt-rock, cutting-edge pop and textured modern trap elements.

For Linda Battilani (vocals), writing and playing music on stage was always more than a high school hobby or even a career choice. It was always a raw need of expression and connection that gave her existence meaning, as a way to survive through everyday hardships, whenever when life feels, as the band name suggests, like a half life.

With that vision in mind, Halflives burst into the scene in 2017 with their debut record “Empty Rooms” telling stories of love, loss and heartache with emotional intensity, powerhouse choruses and an anthemic sound.

Taking their eager hearts and infectious songs out on the (...) Mehr anzeigenroad straight off with their Canadian friends Courage My Love, Halflives have honed a powerful and engaging show giving Linda room to show her impressive range and magnetic charisma.

Half-way through 2018 the new single "Crown", a self-empowering anthem that resonated intensely with listeners worldwide, immediately made its way onto five iTunes charts and sparked acclaim from Kerrang!, Rock Sound, AltPress, Spotify, Deezer and more.

The winter of 2018/2019 was busy with the release of the grittier "Fugitive", showcasing the finest visuals Halflives ever designed with a music video shot by night all over Paris, France, followed by a tour in the UK in support of The Faim and Chapel.

Undisputed stage veterans, Halflives have already completed multiple tours in 11 different countries totaling over 100 shows.

Going back to the studio early 2019 with the persistent desire to impact as many lives as possible, Linda locked herself up for several months and came out with a handful of new songs showcasing a refined sound and message, the first of which "Rockstar Everyday" comes out October 25th 2019. A second single "Snake" comes out January 17th 2020.

When asked about their mission as a band, Linda will tell you that Halflives aim at creating through music an open and safe space, whether online or at their shows, where everyone is welcome to take a break whenever life feels half complete.

Past achievements:
- Over 2.4M YouTube views, 20.5k subscribers
- Over 2.7M Spotify streams, 125k monthly listeners
- Featured in playlists "Pop Rock Shot", "Alternative Beats", "In English", "Radio Pop" "All New Rock", "HIIT | 高強度樂曲", "心情大振" (Spotify), "Hot New Rock", "Heavy New Rock" (Deezer)
- Past festivals include Rock For People, I-Days, Macmillan Fest, Camden Rocks Festival
- Toured in support of The Faim, Chapel, Courage My Love
- 100+ shows played across 11 countries
- Sold out headliner shows in London and Paris
- Currently endorsing Jim Dunlop, TRX Cymbals, Vocalzone, Cult Shoes, American Socks Weniger anzeigen


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