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INCARNATE was founded in the early fall of 2003. Following no trends, not trying to fit in, INCARNATE’s main goal is to deliver uncompromising heavy music. Taking influences from "death/thrash metal", "hardcore" and "metalcore", INCARNATE brings you music with the intensity and power of Heaven Shall Burn, the thrashing riffs of Slayer and the heaviness of Bolt Thrower.

INCARNATE self-released their debut MCD "A dark age of lies" in the fall of 2004. One year later, INCARNATE signs a deal with German record label Lucifer's Legions Records for the international re-release of “A dark age of lies”. The album is accompanied by the release of the first official INCARNATE video-clip, which features the song Stronghold.

May 2006, INCARNATE record the Integrity song “Tempest”. The song appears in (...) Mehr anzeigen February 2007 on the Integrity Tribute CD: Harder they Fall, released by Escapist Records (USA). This awesome album features contributions from hardcore bands from all over the world and artwork by Raf Wechterowicz (Trivium, Ringworm, Iron Maiden, Soulfly).

No time wasted, August 2007 INCARNATE again hits the studio for the recording of their debut full-length "Embrace the Horror". An album full of fast riffs, aggressive breakdowns, and heavy grooves combined with lyrics dealing with personal frustrations, apocalyptic visions and criticism towards humanity. In addition, the album features a vocal contribution and artwork by Dwid Hellion (Integrity). “Embrace the Horror” hits the streets in February 2008 through Germany based record label Demons Run Amok Entertainment.

In the summer of 2010, INCARNATE record their third album, entitled “Hands of Guilt / Eyes of Greed”. This record has a great thrash and death metal feel to it, but the groove and slower tempos are represented. INCARNATE worked together with Jacob Parmentier - an upcoming artist known for his black and white horror-esque style of drawing - to visualize the album’s concept. He did an awesome job on the cover artwork, which now perfectly fits to the music. For the release of "Hands of Guilt / Eyes of Greed", the band officially resigned a deal with Demons Run Amok. The album was released on the 4th of March 2011 and was received very positive by both, press and fans!

Mid 2013 INCARNATE parted with vocalist Koen Mattheeuws and INCARNATE played the remaining shows with original vocalist Donnie Mulder. While searching for another singer, the band took the time to write new songs. Finally, August 2014 vocalist - and long time friend of the band - Martijn Geelhoed (ex-Remains) joined INCARNATE.

During 2015 and 2016 INCARNATE took the time to record 4 new tracks for an upcoming EP. “Hvman Svffering” was scheduled for a Halloween release, 31st of October 2016. For the cover artwork the young American artist Jacob Parmentier was approached once again. “Hvman Svffering” came out as limited edition 7 inch vinyl and cassette. This EP is without a doubt the hardest and darkest work of INCARNATE to date.

By now INCARNATE appeared on several international releases and INCARNATE did support shows for Nile, Exodus, Pro-Pain, Gorefest, Malevolent Creation, Merauder, Vicious Rumors, Sworn Enemy, 100 Demons, Maroon, Cataract, Shai Hulud and many more. Current tour venues are The Melkweg, Dynamo, De Baroeg, The Frontline, Innocent, Hedon, De Bosuil. Festivals played are Bevrijdingsfestival, Klomppop, Opblaaspop, Prilpop, Anywave, Rage of Destruction, To Hell Fest, Metalcore, Kreekrock. Just to name a few. Weniger anzeigen

  1. Withering Dreams (Hvman Svffering, )Kommentar
  2. Abandoned (Embrace the Horror, 2008)Kommentar
  3. Embrace the horror (Embrace the Horror, 2008)Kommentar
  4. Judas Kiss (Judas Kiss, 2007)Kommentar

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