Grind Inc.

Death Metal, Grindcore aus Moers, seit 2001



GRIND INC. started out as a side project of HATE FACTOR and NIGHT IN GALES members in 2001. The point was to make the most brutal music possible without neglecting groove and having shitloads of fun.
Apparently, that worked out just fine and so the project became a real band after some time. Adriano, Jan, Jochen and Chris played some shows together and recorded the first 10-track demo in 2003 called “DEFINED TO KILL”. Media and fan reactions were overwhelmingly positive and so it didn’t take long until the band signed a deal with German MORBID RECORDS in 2004.

“EXECUTED”, the band’s first album was released in May 2005. The CD already sports the band’s infamous dual-vokillz with Tom, who joined the band in 2004, as the second shouter. Some more live shows followed, just to prove that GRIN (...) Mehr anzeigenD INC. is a killer live band. In December 2005 the band headed into Cazy’s ezy studios in Krefeld to record their second sonic motherfucker
"INHALE THE VIOLENCE" on MORBID RECORDS. The band has managed to improve in all areas and take their music to another level on this album.

“INHALE THE VIOLENCE” hit the stores on 26/05/06 @ MORBID RECORDS.
Again the scene-reactions were very positive and a lot of people seemed to like that shit from Krefeld.The band played a lot of shows all over germany and continued to spread their sickening mark.
In late 2007 the band entered EZY Soundz once more to prepare for the next strike of GRIND INC. which is entitled "SUDDEN STATE OF HATE" and appeared through Germany's TWILIGHT VERTRIEB in early 2008.

Germanys death metal flagship returns with its fourth effort of brutality entitled "Lynch and dissect" in sumemr 2010, a definitive statement in terms of refusal to compromise. Once again the krefeld based bastard unifies technical proficiency and brutal grooves while taking no prisoners! GRIND INC. “defines the art of pure brutality” and will force the listener to “Inhale the violence”. Be the witness of this unmerciful death metal masterpiece. After successfully touring Europe for a “Sudden state of hate” in 2008
(/w Cryptopsy, Decrepit Birth, Unmerciful) the blast commando is ready to kill again.

Grind Inc. mercilessly will twist off your head with "Lynch and dissect" Weniger anzeigen


Thomas Granzow

Bassist, Gitarrist

  1. Lynch and dissect (Lynch and dissect, 2010)Kommentar
  2. Praise the light (Lynch and dissect, 2010)Kommentar
  3. Certifiably insane (Sudden state of hate, 2008)Kommentar
  4. Petrified parasites (Sudden state of hate, 2008)Kommentar

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