Death Metal aus Leverkusen, seit 1997




In the beginning of 1997 Transgression was founded. It took a few time and a lot of drummers to get to an acceptable formation. That was Rene Hollweg (git), Dave Steffens (bas), Andreas Westphal (voc)- who all played in a band called Asmodina together- Carsten Koch (git) and Michael Pohl (dr). The band played a few concerts in the area around Cologne with bands like Crack Up, Solitary Confinement and so on. Through musical and personal differences Transgression had to split up with the vocalist Andreas. Short time after that the drummer took his sticks to go studying out of Germany. While searching for a new drummer, the band reminded the ex-Asmodina drummer Arkadius Neumann. At the beginning of 1999 the line-up was completed by Lars Zimmermann on the vocals.

What (...) Mehr anzeigenkind of music is Transgression?

With the new line-up the band reworked the existing material, which sounded like melodic Death/Trash. Today's musical style is in the vain of bands like Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse and so on.
We don´t try to sound like one of this bands, but that´s where we would place our music if someone wants a definition. The whole songs got a special character which comes through the different influences of the band members

What about recordings?

In June 1999 we recorded a demo entitled "First Demo(n)" in our rehearsal room and got pretty nice critics for the material.
In March 2000 we recorded a 4-track CD on a 8-track recording system in Gladbeck (Timeship Soundstudio).
In the beginning of 2003 we recorded our new CD Guilty Rotten Flesh in Wuppertal SAW Studio by Frank Boltz.

Where appeared Transgression live?

The band had live gigs with bands like Vomit Remnants, Manstractor, Godless Truth, Krisiun, Vader and so on. We played in Gent (Belgium) and a lot of city's in Germany.

You can also find actual news of Transgression by visiting our website transgression-metal.de !! Weniger anzeigen

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  2. Frl. Rotten Meier (Dress Code, 2007)Kommentar

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