Metal, Metalcore, Melodic Death, Death Metal, Thrash Metal aus Krefeld / Hamburg, seit 2005


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HASTEBLOOD burst into our time with their album “F R A G M E N T S”. Without denying their roots the new album is full packed with power, revealing the downward spiral of our system with some of its smaller and bigger problems to encounter. It’s full of melodies, telling stories of true feelings without trying to make every lyric accessible at first sight. Self-made walls, labyrinths’ of thoughts, crossing and parting ways. No escape.

The songs written in the previous three years are the fragments which actually are the new album “F R A G M E N T S”. The new defined sound of HASTEBLOOD will celebrate its premiere here. Two lineup-changes are the main cause for the new modern style of metal, spiced with some of the best musical influences every band member has got. “We changed pretty much (...) Mehr anzeigeneverything in the process and started from scratch. We began to improve our songwriting, looked at ourselfes in different light and learned to solve problems within the band. That brought us here — and we want it to take us much further.”

“F R A G M E N T S” is, after the releases of “F60/31″ and “SEOND CHAPTER (EP)”, the third CD made by HASTEBLOOD. Recorded in the bands own studio, mixed and mastered by Thomas Engel, the sound of the album wraps up the authentic rehearsal-room charm but also takes the songs to another quality level. This album will make an brutal impact on your stereo. HASTEBLOOD is back.

HASTEBLOOD — F R A G M E N T S — coming 18th January 2014 Weniger anzeigen






  1. Reflexion (F R A G M E N T S, 2014)Kommentar
  2. I am Crossing (F R A G M E N T S, 2014)Kommentar
  3. Delete/Erase (F R A G M E N T S, 2014)Kommentar
  4. Remain my memories (REMAIN MY MEMORIES (Single), 2011)Kommentar
  5. IGNITE (DEMO2010, 2010)Kommentar

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