ROCK aus Bonn, seit 2018



INNER SKIN is born between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 from a musical project started by Alberto Frasson. The meeting with the drummer Giorgio Ranciaro takes place at the end of 2018, IN ROME (IT), thanks to intermediation by the producer Fabio Trentini.
The band immediately devotes itself to produce some singles. "Whispers" and "Once" being the first ones. The result is a modern and never predictable alternative rock. Trentini joins the band as studio bass player, guitar player, producer and arranger.
The band is actively working under the executive direction of Giorgio Ranciaro who also handles the duties of management and co-financing of the project.
“Inner Skin is looking for any kind of mid and long-term collaboration or conta (...) Mehr anzeigenct/contract to keep on developing its own path of artistic growth. “
Alberto Frasson: an eclectic and visionary singer/composer, presents himself with a sort of musical "virginity". His strength is an almost romantic and enchanted approach to this new journey.
Giorgio Ranciaro: is the band's drummer. His previous experiences include some projects in Germany signed to EMI Publishing, and an Italian pop band in Rome around 2004. He played with musicians of the caliber of Paul Gilbert and Reb Beach of Whitesnake.
Fabio Trentini: bass player, is an internationally active producer and a musician who has collaborated with the likes of The Guano Apes, Mr.Mister, The Footprints, H-Blockx, Stick Men and many others… fabiotrentini.com
Additional Musicians Francesco Tripaldi BASS and Tristan Pesarini GUITAR
In July 2019 the band signed a publishing/agent deal with KDM an important company from Seoul Korea for all ASIA territories and Socials. In autumn 2019 they’ve been signed by most important Italian press office Red & Blue Music Relations.
INNER SKIN shoots their first video in July 2019 for the next new single POISON.
In december 2019 they shoots their second video BROTHERS released 5 MARCH 2020
youtu.be/75k8zra0w6o Weniger anzeigen


Giorgio Ranciaro



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