Deep Techno aus Mannheim, seit 2009



JO = Human. First two initials of forename & surname
IX = Machine. A fictional planet in Frank Herbert's Dune, where machines are builded
JOIX is a Deep Techno producer / liveact performer from Mannheim (near Heidelberg, Frankfurt), Germany, originally from Berlin.
His onstage history exceeds 20 years (spanning from raves to clubs like the Tresor in Berlin and radio stations like Evosonic) and for quite a while he co-organized legendary events such as the “Harlequins’ Castle” festivals in the rural woodlands of Southern Germany.

Other highlights were his JAPAN TOUR 2014 and JAPAN & TAIWAN TOUR 2017, see:

His sound is deeply influenced by electronic music from Detroit, Berlin and Frankfurt and can be descriped as (...) Mehr anzeigen Deep Techno with phat basslines, strange soundscapes and drifty beats.
He prefers to make music with an analog modular system (Doepfer A-100), analog synthesizers, drum machines and didgeridoo.
2012 his debut album "Random control" came out, that represents the essence of JOIX's studio work and liveact performances of the last years.
His tracks are played and supported by DJs like James Zabiela, Spark Taberner, Sven Wittekind, Franco Bianco, D-Formation, Sascha Luxx, Alec Troniq, V-Obsession, Tomo Hachiga, Dave Brody, Moog Conspiracy, Shin Nishimura, JC Laurent, Liss C. and Feydh Rotan to name a few.

Enjoy the sound of JOIX! :-) Weniger anzeigen


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